Top 8 Places to Host a Trunk Show

Top 8 Places to Host a Trunk Show

If you want to plan a successful trunk show, boost your sales, and dazzle your friends in jewelry heaven, you need to start with the basics. Choosing a location to host your trunk show, is perhaps the most important step. The ideal Kendra Phillip trunk show locations needs to fulfill a few criteria. Most importantly, space. You need to have enough space to comfortably accommodate all your guests. If your shoppers aren’t comfortable, it is unlikely that they will enjoy their shopping experience. Additionally, you need to have enough space for the jewelry. A large table, countertop, or even a coffee table can be used to showcase the Kendra Phillip collection. Keeping space in mind, we have come up with a list of our favorite places to host a Kendra Phillip trunk show.

Top 8 Places to Host a Kendra Phillip Trunk Show

The Top 8 Places to Host a Kendra Phillip Trunk Show!

1. Your Home

This is likely the most obvious location on the list. Hosting a trunk show at home is always comfortable and cozy. If you want to host a show with friends and family, this is the #1 location. Bake some cookies, pop some champagne, and you will have an instant Kendra Phillip party.

2. Your Office, Your Friend’s Office, or Your Spouse’s Office

Whether you work as an accountant in a small town or a fashion editor in a big city, office spaces are generally spacious and affordable trunk show sites. Most offices allow employees to use the conference room or staff room free of charge during lunch breaks or for post-work events. Sharing Kendra Phillip with coworkers is a great way to get to know each other and spend a little time away from your computer screens.

3. A Hair Salon, Nail Studio, or Spa

A relaxing girls night is always needed. Hosting a trunk show at a salon is a great way to mix crowds. Hair stylists can invite all their clients, clients can invite friends, and voila, the perfect party.

4. Your Favorite Café or Restaurant

Cafés are generally closed in the evenings, making them a perfect spot for you to host a trunk show. The café will love the evening customers, and your guests will love shopping in one of your go-to spots.

5. Your Country Club

Country clubs are already accustomed to hosting high quality events. They have the tables, the chairs, and the space to host a perfect trunk show. Invite your tennis partners, your golfing opponents, and your lounge friends to join you for a shopping spectacular with Kendra Phillip.

6. A Fitness Studio

If you are as crazy about fitness as you are about jewelry, your favorite pilates, barre, Zumba, or yoga studio, is the most logical trunk show site. Your local fitness studio will love the exposure and the potential to attract new clients at the Kendra Phillip trunk show.

7. A Community Center

Community centers are usually large spaces. This is a great space to use when you feel as though your studio apartment is too small. You can invite everyone on your list and allow your guests to invite friends with a space as big as this!

8. A Gallery

Hosting a trunk show at a local art gallery is the perfect way to showcase a local artist and shop for Kendra Phillip jewelry all at once. At Kendra Phillip we love to support USA made businesses, local artists, and family companies.

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