Our Commitment to Attainable Luxury and Sustainable Fashion

Our Commitment to Attainable Luxury and Sustainable Fashion

At Kendra Phillip, we strive to make the highest quality products. In doing so, we practice socially responsible manufacturing practices and offer our products at affordable prices.

Attainable Luxury

Kendra Phillip is designed for modern women who are fashionably savvy and demand quality and responsibility in the products they wear. Kendra Phillip is an attainable luxury brand. We believe in reaching our customers in a comfortable, fun, and affordable way. We provide our customers with the opportunity to host a Kendra Phillip Trunk Show right in their homes, purchase our products directly online, or even become a Kendra Phillip Stylist! By offering our products online and at our Trunk Shows, we are able to provide our luxurious products to our customers at affordable, and often discounted, prices.

Not sure what you like? Trying to update your style? Or simply looking for a new piece to awaken your already fabulous wardrobe? Don’t fret! Kendra Phillip Stylists are here to help. Kendra Phillip Stylists come directly to you! They can work with you during one-on-one appointments, at trunk shows, over the phone, and via email. We want to make shopping for yourself and shopping for others easy and enjoyable. Your Stylist will also let you know when new products become available online. With the help of a Kendra Phillip Stylist, you will always have the hottest bling around!

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Sustainable Fashion

Simple elegance is the key to our everyday chic look. At Kendra Phillip we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sustainable fashion. We strive to make the highest quality products in a socially responsible manner. Our jewelry is designed in Manhattan and made in Rhode Island. We are a 100% USA made company that treats our employees, our products, and our customers with respect. We are committed to quality in all of our products.


Our Co-Founders Kendra and Phil are both from the incredible state of Rhode Island. Jewelry manufacturing has been an important asset to Rhode Island’s economy and people since the 19th century. Phil’s family has been making jewelry in an eco-conscious manner since the 1940s. Kendra graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design where she learned about the rich history of jewelry manufacturing in her home state. Sustainable fashion and eco-friendly practices are in our blood.

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Recycled Metal

Kendra Phillip jewelry is made from recycled metal and we employ eco-friendly practices whenever possible. In the last decade, jewelry made from recycled metals has become increasingly popular. Using recycled metal is an eco-friendly alternative to using new metals in the jewelry industry. By using recycled metal in our manufacturing processes, we are helping the USA conserve energy and natural resources. An added and noteworthy benefit is the reduced cost! By using recycled metal and eco-friendly practices we are able to offer our products at more affordable and ethical prices. Saving the environment and looking fashionably chic all at once! What could be better?

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At Kendra Phillip we are full heartedly committed to attainable luxury and sustainable fashion. | #Sustainablefashion #attainableluxury #ecofashion #recycled

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