MiniLuxe: Changing the Salon Industry 1 Nail at a Time

MiniLuxe: Changing the Salon Industry 1 Nail at a Time

MiniLuxe is completely changing the nail, brow and waxing industry.

What is MiniLuxe?

MiniLuxe is a beauty lounge specializing in cleanliness and quality care. When you walk through the doors at MiniLuxe, you immediately take note of the fresh scent in the air, the smiling faces, and the very clean surroundings. At MiniLuxe, clean is the key to success- clean methods, clean ethics and clean business. As you are likely aware, the salon industry has a bad reputation for being “dirty”. At MiniLuxe, things are different. Customers can visit the hospital-grade bacteria-eliminating “Clean Lab” that sterilizes the tools and techniques for all services at the salon. In addition to clean services, MiniLuxe franchisees have vowed to take steps and precautions to provide ethical and health-friendly services at affordable prices. In an industry plastered with shortcuts and chemicals, this is truly a game-changer.
But clean is not the only thing they do well. At MiniLuxe it is clear the employees are more than just employees. They are part of a family on a mission to keep you looking and feeling your best every single day with “mini moments of luxury”. And let’s face it, with prices like these, you definitely will want to keep coming back! The Signature Manicure is only $20 and the Signature Pedicure only $39! The Color Wall includes hundreds of nail polishes and lacquer options for all types of ladies and all types of moods.They also have waxing and brow specialists for both ladies and gentleman.

Kendra Phillip Trunk Shows at MiniLuxe

Last week, Kendra and Alyssa attended the opening event of the brand new (and beautiful) MiniLuxe salon in Chestnut Hill. The event featured a fabulous finger-flattering mani-cam, KP accessories, champagne, delicious snacks and a lot of fun. Thanks for inviting us and we can’t wait for our future together! Want to visit MiniLuxe? You’re in luck! We’ve got three fantastic trunk shows scheduled for this month.
Extra bonus – with every jewelry purchase, customers will receive exclusive LuxeIt! Upgrades. And for our most special offer, customers that attend the MiniLuxe Cranston event will receive a complimentary manicure with their pedicure purchase! Mark your calendars and start picking out your polishes now.

MiniLuxe Cranston at Garden City Center, RI – April 14th

MiniLuxe Westwood at University Station, MA – April 27th

MiniLuxe Chestnut Hill at The Street, MA – May 5th

MiniLuxe is changing the salon industry 1 nail at a time! Join us for a Kendra Phillip trunk show and get exclusive LuxeIt Upgrades!

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