KP & Adored By Alex Have The Happiest Hour

KP & Adored By Alex Have The Happiest Hour

When Alex Carreno from Adored By Alex, came to New York Fashion Week last week, she and Kendra made plans for dinner and drinks. Who knew they would hit it off so well?!Kendra and Alex Carreno have dinner and drinks for New York Fashion Week!

Kendra and Alex stopped by The Happiest Hour in New York City’s West Village to warm up from the frigid NYC streets. They both fell head over heels for their sweet and spicy signature cocktails. Alex sipped on the Pineapple Express with Guatemalan Rum while Kendra got tipsy off the Link Ray with Jalapeño Tequila.

Between sips and plenty of fashion week chatter and gossip, the ladies snacked on a few small plates. The Happiest Hour serves everything from a light salad to a hearty burger, but the girls were interested in tasting a little bit of everything. They went with a few small plates. The highlights were definitely the Bonsai Chicken Bites served with Kewpie mayo and lemon, the Salt & Pepper Broccoli with Ranch dip, Homemade Chips and Dip, and the Buffalo Cucumbers.

The cucumbers were by far the most inventive item they tasted. The delicate cucumber was balanced by sweet watermelon and topped with poppy seeds and mint lending the dish a sweet and sour vibe.

Kendra and Alex chatted about their mutual love for jewelry and fashion. Both ladies love to mix high end pieces with affordable fashion favorites. They agree this is the best way to create unique outfits that stand out in a crowd but don’t empty your wallet. Adored By Alex is all about mixing luxuries with affordable basics. Alex is always looking for a deal or a splurge she can feel confident about.

“I believe mixing affordable luxury with more expensive pieces creates a dynamic and unique look. You allow your personal style to shine with a few novelty pieces and some great basics.”  – Kendra

Speaking of great basics and amazing finds, Kendra couldn’t stop talking about Alex’s stunning Vintage Valentine’s Day look! Alex wore a J Crew Jumpsuit (On sale now for only $109.99) and a Vintage Bolero from Cheeky Vintage featuring our very own Ellie Pave Lariat Necklace and our Large Textured Cuff. The whole outfit was featured on her site just last week. Kendra always loves a good jumpsuit! (She even remodeled her mom’s wedding dress into a jumpsuit for her rehearsal dinner last year!) Alex’s outfit was the perfect mix of totally chic and totally affordable. She didn’t spend a million dollars even though she looked like a million bucks!

Kendra and Alex both look forward to getting together more often and collaborating in the future! Stay tuned for some surprises from Alex in the next few months.

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