Host Your 1st Kendra Phillip Trunk Show!

Host Your 1st Kendra Phillip Trunk Show!

Do you love Kendra Phillip jewelry? Do you want to get the hottest Kendra Phillip styles absolutely FREE? Host a Kendra Phillip Trunk Show!

Hosting a Kendra Phillip Trunk Show is fun and easy! Each time you host a Kendra Phillip Trunk Show, you will automatically receive hostess swag from our most recent collection. In addition to your swag bag, you and your guests will receive exclusive discounts. The icing on the cake? Your stylist will provide you with a bottle of bubbly to pop for our signature  #BUBBLESANDBLING toast.

Before The Trunk Show

How do you host the best Kendra Phillip Trunk Show ever? First, you will need to choose a space. Your space needs to be large enough to accommodate your intended guest list and provide an area to display the jewelry. A simple table or countertop will do. Have no idea where to host your trunk show? Luckily, you can host a Kendra Phillip Trunk Show pretty much anywhere! Popular destinations include your home, your hair salon, your office, or even your favorite restaurant. Once you choose a space, you and your Stylist will agree upon a date, and you can send a “Save the Date” email to your guests. This will get your party-goers as excited as you are for your Kendra Phillip Trunk Show.

At The Trunk Show

It’s party time! Hosting a Trunk Show should be fun and comfortable. Put on the jewelry from your swag bag and pop that bottle! Make sure your guests are comfortable and help your Stylist get to know your guests and their unique senses of style. During the trunk show, you can serve refreshments and light snacks. Keep it simple and allow your guests to fall in love with the Kendra Phillip jewelry.

After The Trunk Show

Thank your guests for coming and show off your new Kendra Phillip jewelry at work, around town, and in the evening! Post your photos on social media and share them with your guests and friends. You are officially a Kendra Phillip Trunk Show Host! Congrats!

Host Your 1st Trunk Show!

Working With A Kendra Phillip Stylist

Don’t worry you won’t have to do any of this alone. Your Kendra Phillip Stylist will be your Go-to-Gal for all your Trunk Show necessities! Once you choose your location and your intended guest list, your stylist will begin to prepare your merchandise. Next step, invite your guests! We recommend sending out a “save the date” email followed by a mailed invitation that your Stylist can design and send for you. All you need to do is provide the mailing addresses! How easy is that?

At The Trunk Show

During your trunk show, a Kendra Phillip Stylist will work with you to help your guests choose the perfect pieces to complement their unique styles. She will provide her online discount code to you and your guests so they can continue shopping at their leisure. The Kendra Phillip party doesn’t stop when your Trunk Show ends!

After The Trunk Show

After your Trunk Show, your Stylist will contact you to let you know how much you have earned in Kendra Phillip Rewards. The more you sell, the more rewards!

What are you waiting for?

Start planning your very first Kendra Phillip Trunk Show today!  If you have any questions at any time during the process, your Stylist will gladly help you in any way she can. So what are you waiting for? You can read more details over at our Host A Trunk Show Page.

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