Girls Inc: Charity of the Month

Girls Inc: Charity of the Month

 What is Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. is a nonprofit organization that strives to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. In order to do this, Girls Inc. provides girls across North America with pivotal opportunities that encourage girls to succeed. Girls Inc. relies on trained staff members and volunteers to mentor and build lasting relationships with young girls. The volunteers and leaders inspire girls to set goals, overcome their fears, and reach for their dreams. The program sets high expectations for girls and expects the same in return. 84% of all funding goes directly into programming.Kendra Phillip gives back this January by helping one of our favorite non profit organizations, Girls Inc.

Programs at Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. has programs for all types of girls. Girls Inc. develops informal educational programs to help girls in school and out. Some of their most important programs address math and science education, drug and pregnancy prevention, violence prevention, and media and economic literacy.

History of Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. started in Waterbury, Connecticut during the Industrial Revolution. Within a few decades, more and more Girls Inc. clubs opened their doors across New England. Young women who had moved from rural communities into the cities were in search of jobs. America needed to define a new working class. The girls needed jobs and they yearned to be successful in their new communities. Today, Girls Inc. has drastically expanded. The leaders at Girls Inc. advocate locally and nationally about critical issues facing girls and women’s rights today.

Why Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. has an important role in today’s society, and an important connection to Kendra Phillip. We strongly believe in the fight for equality between men and women. We hope to help teach girls at a young age that they are strong, smart, and bold. Kendra and I both attended an all girls school for most of our lives and were instilled with this message day after day. Not all girls are lucky enough to experience an education like this. Girls Inc. aims to inspire girls to be brave, face their fears, and take advantage of opportunities with confidence. If we can help girls understand that they are strong, we can help make our world a happier and safer place for women.

All statistical information, facts, photos and history were obtained from the Girls Inc. website. For more information or to help Girls Inc., head to their website


Girls Inc. is a nonprofit organization that helps girls be strong, smart, brave and bold. Help Kendra Phillip help girls strive in 2016!

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