Color of the Month: Blanc by Essie

Color of the Month: Blanc by Essie

When it comes to nail polish, Essie is both a consumer and a salon favorite, their cleverly named polishes are truly a household name. But how’d it all begin? With Essie Weingarten of course. In 1981, Essie jet-setted to Las Vegas carrying with her more nail polish than any TSA agent could fathom these days – 10 cartons of polish, each weighing 64 pounds!

She knew if she could get the show girls, the dancers, the dealers and the cocktail waitresses to wear her fab colors in Vegas that her line would quickly take the world by storm. Essie was right. Today, Essie is one of the most recognized nail brands not only in the United States, but across the globe.

With so many signature colors to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. For this edition of Color of the Month we’re taking it back to the “back to school” basics – white!

Our favorite Essie white hue is sure to be a hit with your glowing tan skin this back to school season. Blanc by Essie is the most opaque white polish we have ever tried. After just two coats, your nails will be so white they may even glow in the dark.

Sure Blanc doesn’t have as cute a name as the other whites in the collection, think Prime and Pop, Coconut Cove, Private Weekend and Tuck it in my Tux, but it is as white as white can be. Blanc is a true standout because it is so versatile. It’s the perfect shade for a classy French manicure tip but also fantastic for a base coat before applying a bold summer hue. The snowy white polish creates an elegant and smooth finish every single time and pairs perfectly with a silver wrist stack by Kendra Phillip.

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