Charity of the Month: Support our Troops

Charity of the Month: Support our Troops

In honor of Independence Day, the July charity of the month is Support our Troops. Support our Troops is dedicated to exactly that, supporting the American men and women who risk their lives everyday for those of us who have not served in the military. Today, over 90% of Americans have never served in the military. Support our Troops is an excellent way to give back to the men and women who do.  In these warm summer months, we are all enjoying the good weather, barbecues, beach days and extra time with our family and friends. But we need to remember that there are other families less fortunate than us that may not be able to spend so much time together. Join us by shopping at a Kendra Phillip trunk show this summer and show your support for the troops.

The organization is one of America’s most trusted charities. Only 3% of the donations go to overhead, ensuring that the troops get as much out of our donations as possible. They work hard to support the men and women who have served in the American military and their families back home. The organization is committed to helping the troops worldwide, their motto is “If they’re there, we’re with them!”. In order to do so, they depend on the help of the community back home. Local groups, companies, schools, colleges, universities, clubs and churches can organize events or raise funds to help this charitable organization.

In addition to individual donations and events, Support our Troops has organized programs including Care Package Goods and Troopons. For Care Package Goods, troops use a form to request a package and people at home collect, package and ship the goods overseas. Troopons is a program designed to enhance the well-being of overseas domestic families by sending them coupons for food and other products they may need to help their dollar go a bit further while their loved one is overseas.

Please help us give back this July by shopping with us at a KP Trunk show!

*All statistical information and facts were obtained from Support our Troops website.


Help give back to our troops this July by shopping at a Kendra Phillip Trunk Show! #Supportourtroops


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