Charity of the Month: ExpandEDSchools

Charity of the Month: ExpandEDSchools

Since 1998, ExpandEDSchools has helped more than 800,000 children in low-income schools gain access to improved education experiences. ExpandEDSchools aims to close the learning gap between low-income children and the world by increasing access to enriched education programs.

The History of ExpandEDSchools

In 1998, ExpandEDSchools was founded as The After-School Corporation. The After-School Corporation was the nation’s first citywide K-12 after-school-program for low-income families. Today, ExpandEDSchools has welcomed the challenge of expanding their efforts and their impact. ExpandEDSchools works with partners all over the country to change public policy and earn funding for their programs. Their goal is simple. ExpandEDSchools wants to ensure all children have the opportunity to discover their talents and reach their goals.

ExpandEDSchools Today

Currently, ExpandEDSchools works with school systems in New York, Baltimore and New Orleans. The kids and educators at these schools are provided with the tools to build an engaged and balanced learning environment. This leads to 35% more learning time than before. Children are learning in new and innovative ways to help them keep up with other children in better school districts and more rigorous learning environments. The teachers are learning how to get their students interested and active in the classroom and out. ExpandEDSchools does not quit when the school day ends. They also offer after school programming and summer programming to help kids extend their education throughout the year, often times without even noticing it.

The 6,000 Hour Learning Gap

“By 6th grade, kids born into poverty are likely to suffer a 6,000 hour learning gap compared with their middle-class peers.” -ExpandedSchools

What does this mean? Children in poverty are behind in the classroom and out right from the start. Over the past few decades, higher-income parents have slowly increased their time and spending on enrichment activities outside of the normal school day. Kids are practicing sports, taking up instruments, or creating in art class. Children in lower-income households do not have opportunities such as these. Therefore, they are likely to enter college and the work force unprepared. ExpandEDSchools hopes to bridge the gap and help students in poverty change their worlds and come out ahead.

This month, a portion of our Trunk Show proceeds will go towards helping ExpandEDSchools bridge the 6,000 hour gap and create educational environments for low-income kids. We hope you can help!



Help Kendra Phillip give back to low-income children in need this month with ExpandEDSchools. | #ExpandEDSchools #GiveBack #Charity #NYC

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