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NYC Favorites: The Lucky Bee

NYC Favorites: The Lucky Bee

It’s suns out, bao buns out at Lucky Bee New York City, a modern farm-to-table Thai fusion restaurant on the Lower East Side. The atmosphere is kitschy Phuket Beach meets 90s Saved by the Bell hallways, complete with plastic pink flamingos and hanging umbrellas on the walls. There is always a plethora of exotic fruits on the bar and fresh bouquets of fragrant flowers on the tables to compliment the vibrant pink walls. Even the bathroom had a sweet vibe with a cute saying on the wall explaining, “bees don’t care what humans think is impossible”.

Not only is the atmosphere welcoming and warm, the summer menu at The Lucky Bee is booming with bold flavors and enticing tastes. Chef Matty Bennet is impressing even the most critical New York diners with his innovative spin on traditional Thai cuisine.

The fresh farm-to-table menu is split into two sections, small plates and large bowls. Both are meant to be shared with friends, making for a more enjoyable dining experience. Who doesn’t love to try everything on the menu?

Some of our favorite dishes included the sweet and spicy summer Papaya Salad, Coconut Braised Short Ribs with vibrant lemongrass and freshly picked Thai basil, delicately fried chicken wings with a touch of mouth numbing chili peppers, and a traditional Northern Thai speciality, Khoa Soi Curry with organic chicken and egg noodles.

The flavor doesn’t end with the food. The cocktails are equally spectacular! And let’s face it, we’ll go anywhere that serves rum infused cocktails straight out of coconuts! Each cocktail transports you to an island getaway.

Plus, we always love to support organizations that give back to their community. The Lucky Bee mixes up all their cocktails with local New York honey. They also donate $1 from every cocktail to the New York Beekeepers Association. Talk about a sweet drink you can feel good about!

So escape the New York City streets this summer for a bite to eat at the buzzing Lucky Bee New York City!

The Lucky Bee, 252 Broome St., New York, NY, Open every evening 5:30-late

The Lucky Bee is a New York City favorite this summer! Find out why we love it on the blog! #kendraphillip #theluckybee
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