Brands We Love: Everlane

Brands We Love: Everlane

Everlane is a USA based clothing company changing the way customers shop with radical transparency!

– Best For –

Modern basics and essentials for women and men. Long and sleek tank dresses you can wear to the office and to the beach, deep V tees you can lounge away the day in, classic cotton crew necks, and modern loafers you’ll never want to take off. Plus, everything pairs perfectly with our minimal jewelry! Wink, wink.

– What We Love –

At Everlane it is all about radical transparency. They spend hours and hours visiting the largest factories across the globe to seek out factory owners that pride themselves on ethical production processes. They then take things one step further by sharing each garment’s unique story with their customers. They share their costs, the factory story and the production story behind each item. Their goal is to help modern customers understand where their clothes are coming from, how they are made and why they cost what they cost. By being honest with their customers and only selling their merchandise online, Everlane is able to build trust with their customers and eliminate the unnecessary markups most larger companies are known for.

– Right Now Favorites –

Petra Market Tote in Black –  Cotton Heather V in Charcoal – The Street Sandal in Black

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Everlane is a USA based brand dedicated to radical transparency and ethical manufacturing. Our favorite for modern basics!

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