Brands We Love: Baron Fig

Brands We Love: Baron Fig

At Kendra Phillip we absolutely love back to school shopping. This year our go-to back to school notebook is The Confidant by Baron Fig.

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Baron Fig is the notebook for thinkers by thinkers. No matter what you do, study or love to write about, they’ve got the notebook for you. Two friends started the project by asking their friends around the world, What do you like in a sketchbook or notebook?

They took all the feedback and created the product we’re showcasing today. We love this notebook because it is simple, beautiful, versatile and easy to manage.

In the studio we are always grabbing a piece of paper to fuel our creativity and share our ideas with each other. We love collaborating together and often find ourselves seeking out the best place to save our thoughts and ideas for later. But finding the right notebook is a lot harder than it sounds. So many are cheap, flimsy and fall apart within a month or two.

Not Baron Fig. Their original Confidant hardcover notebook is particularly special because it is part notebook, part sketchbook – ideal for designers and doodlers. The hardcover notebook opens flat, is fitted with a yellow bookmark string, comes in two neutral colors and your choice of blank, ruled or dot grid high-quality long lasting paper.

– What We Love –

It’s everything you could ever want in a notebook and the design is always improving. They ask for your feedback and truly listen to every review they receive in order to stay at the forefront of the industry.

But there’s one more reason why we love Baron Fig so much – their commitment to sustainability. For every Confidant notebook you buy, the Baron Fig team plants a tree in its place. They believe there’s nothing like a good piece of paper and an old fashioned pencil. That’s why they’ve planted over 65,000 trees with more sprouting everyday.

So head back to school (or back to work) in style this year with a new notebook from Baron Fig!

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