Bar Method, Sticky Socks & a Trunk Show!

Bar Method, Sticky Socks & a Trunk Show!

Bar Method Brooklyn is one of my favorite places to begin my day. The studio is located in the charming Cobble Hill neighborhood and owned by Katie Muehlenkamp. If you are not familiar with this insane workout craze, let me tell you- you need to try it! At Bar Method you will get an outstanding workout with instructors who are dedicated to seeing you succeed and extremely knowledgeable in their field.
Bar Method is a challenging, waist shrinking, thigh trimming, arm sculpting and butt lifting dream. I have been practicing Bar Method for three years now and the workouts continue to whoop my a**. Despite the challenge, the instructors flawlessly move from one exercise to the next and keep me engaged and motivated to succeed. Of course, you always have to show up to class in style… so I figured I’d share my two favorite types of sticky socks with you!

My Favorite Sticky Socks

Sticky Be Socks

My favorite sticky socks have to be Sticky Be Socks! I love the brilliant colors and inspirational sayings these fun and functional socks bring to the studio. They are a great pick-me-up for during early morning classes and always make me smile when I see my soles in the mirror. Plus, these are truly the stickiest sticky socks ever! They are great for so many other workouts, airplanes, hospital stays, and just lounging around the house. 


Shashi Socks are my special occasion sticky socks. Honestly, these socks are beautiful! I love looking down at the sparkly rhinestones during my workout- like jewelry on my feet! Even when my legs are shaking and aching, these socks manage to bring a smile to my face. Shashi makes me feel like the ballerina I always dreamed of being. They are never too hot and they always fit right!

Trunk Show @ Bar Method Brooklyn May 1st

Want to point your toes and experience the signature leg shake for yourself? Stop by Bar Method Brooklyn on Sunday May 1st. We’ll be there tucking until we can’t tuck no more! And of course, with tons of jewelry in tow. Get your summer body and summer accessories ready early! If you are contemplating taking your 1st class- or if you are a seasoned tucker, we would love to see you at Bar Method Brooklyn May 1st!

Bar Method Brooklyn, May 1st

Bar Method Brooklyn, Shashi Socks, Sticky Be Socks & Kendra Phillip! #STICKYBYSOCKS #SHASHISOCKS #BARMETHOD

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