An attainable luxury brand inspired by minimalist
glamour and modern design practices




attainable luxury

Kendra Phillip is designed for the modern woman who believes in her individual style, while demanding quality and responsibility from the products she wears. We believe in reaching our customers in a comfortable, fun, and considerate way. Simple elegance is the key to our everyday chic look.


Minimalist Glamour

We believe in the simplicity of elegant design. Kendra Phillip is modern and sexy, yet in an understated and confident way. We are inspired by clean and feminine lines, with a slight nod to modern industrialism. Kendra Phillip is personal, exciting and always keeps you ready for any date or an impromptu girls night out. Kendra Phillip jewelry has the “je ne sais quoi” to take you anywhere you want to be.


Modern Design Practices

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sustainable fashion. Designed in Manhattan and made in Rhode Island. We are 100% USA made and socially responsible in our manufacturing process. We are committed to quality in all of our products, and in our manufacturing processes and conditions. Our jewelry is made from recycled metal, and we employ eco-friendly practices whenever possible.