A Cinco de Mayo Trunk Show

A Cinco de Mayo Trunk Show

Cinco de Mayo is one of our favorite reasons to get together with friends, eat Mexican food, drink margaritas, and fiesta!

So what the heck is Cinco de Mayo anyways? Some will be surprised to find out that Cinco de Mayo is not actually Mexican 4th of July- that’s on September 16th. Cinco de Mayo is actually an annual celebration in honor of the Mexican underdogs who defeated the French Army in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. North of the border, the Mexican community takes great pride in celebrating this day- turning it into a full fledged festival of dancing, drinking, eating and partying.

If you aren’t in Mexico, but would like to celebrate, why not plan a Cinco de Mayo themed trunk show?! The trunk show doesn’t have to be on the 5th of May, the festivities last all month long and let’s face it- we can always use an excuse for a margarita!

The Mexican theme is easy as uno, dos, tres! Uno- snacks! Whip up a salsa, grab some guac, open up a bag (or five) of tortilla chips and presto- easy and delicious snacks for all. Dos- drinks! Margaritas, cervezas, or even some fun mocktails guarantee a good time. Tres- decorations! This part can seem daunting, but trust me, it’s easy! Mexican culture is all about bold colors and brilliant patterns. You can start by finding some fun patterned fabrics for table clothes, checking second hand shops or party stores for sombreros, throwing around maracas, or even splurging for a piñata!

Text your friends, choose a date, and we’ll do all the hard work for you.

Don’t think you have enough space? Sure you do! The first Kendra Phillip trunk show was held in Kendra’s tiny Manhattan apartment. If you have a table, you can have a trunk show! Recently we’ve taken over Benefit Beauty Bars, MiniLuxe Nail Salons, and plenty of homes and restaurants all over the country!

Don’t have enough ladies to invite? We don’t believe you. Invite your friends and have your friends invite their friends. Trunk shows are a great way to mix and mingle with new groups. Don’t have the time to plan? Yes you do! Planning a trunk show takes no time at all. Once you set a date, we pretty much take care of the rest. Plus, we come to your trunk show, handle the checkout process, and help your friends decide what to get so you can spend time having fun and relaxing with the crowd. Have I convinced you yet? Need a little more inspiration? Check our Host a Trunk Show Page for more and contact us with any questions! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Pictured above: Gina CuffLarge Tara Cuff, Ellie Ring* (available only at trunk shows*)

A Cinco de Mayo themed Trunk Show with Kendra Phillip #cincodemayo #chipsnguac #Kendraphillip

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